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Thailand’s premium low-cost VIP travel service.

Easy 3-step booking with instant seat confirmation. Travel in style to multiple destinations within Thailand and beyond. Our VIP seats recline at 135 degree.

One of the most cost effective ways of travelling around Thailand is to use VIP buses. These buses are often referred to as Tourist Buses as they are designed with fewer rows of seats to give greater leg room for the overnight journeys to the North and South of Thailand.

Thai Sriram currently run the main routes of Bangkok to Chiang Mai and Bangkok to Koh Samui  Bangkok to Koh Phangan that have reciprocal arrangements with local providers for additional destinations in the North and the South. New routes are always being considered and added to the site once they are fully arranged.

Thai Sriram VIP Buses transport upwards of sixty thousand passengers per year on their luxury buses at low cost prices. Each bus has back up drivers and hostesses to provide the extra special level of service. Every overnight trip includes a stop for a complimentary evening meal as well as hotel transfers in Chiang Mai or boat trips if the trip is to the islands.

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